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2.0.6 does not send mail

2 weeks 1 day ago #1

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  • Las
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Hello, our installation recently developed a problem of not sending email notifications, admin or customer at all. This started happening around a month ago. There have been no configuration changes since (our site is low-traffic).

Install is Joomla version 3.9.27

Here are the diagnostic steps taken:
- Updated to 2.0.6, started happening on 2.0.5
- Sent a test email from Joomla admin page, works at multiple addresses. We have always used PHP mail.
- Verified the MX records for the domain (we are getting Joomla test emails)
- Tried clearing cache, disabling, etc. Nothing changes.
- Tried disabling Captcha/honeypot
- Used different browsers to submit test forms. Chrome, Firefox, Edge

At this point, we are certain it is this extension, as everything else has been tried. Please assist.
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