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404 page when trying to redirect the link

8 months 1 week ago #1

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  • Duo
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Hi there,
hope you are well. I tried to set up on click button to redirect to a pdf document which saved on our website server, here is the document link:
and the form is embedded on this page:

somehow it didn't response after submition and it appears 404 page, it came up with this link:

from the link, I can see there are '', and 'jrinewwebsite' I used this server for website development purpose, the website now is migrated to

any ideas of why it didn't download corrently?

thank you very much

kind regards,

8 months 1 week ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

Send us a link to page with problem.
Send us FTP access and Joomla admin access via our contact form.

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