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Pagination in the "latest posts" element

1 week 18 hours ago #1

  • Oliver's Avatar
  • Oliver
  • Posts: 24

I have some categories with a lot of posts (almost 400). When using the "latests post" element I can't find a pagination and it is to much data when displaying all 400 posts on one single page - I tried that and gridbox backend is not working any more :-( it totally freezes.

Is there a way to have pagination in the "latest posts" element?


1 week 17 hours ago #2

  • Vyacheslav's Avatar
  • Vyacheslav
  • Posts: 6094
Thank you for contacting us

The plugin "Recent Posts" is not intended to display all posts, it is intended for displaying a small number of recent posts (for example on Home page ).

If you need all the category posts, you can link a category to the menu item. Pagination is available in the "Category layout"


1 week 16 hours ago #3

  • Oliver's Avatar
  • Oliver
  • Posts: 24
Yes, I know the category list.

But the problem with that is, that I can't have the latest post of that category because the "latest posts" do not dynamically link to the selected category (see our discussion in "Showing the latest post of the category")

To solve my problem I designed a single page for every category myself, containing a header and the latest post on the top of the page followed by the latest posts. But that is limited to only a few posts and has no pagination - the category list has pagination but no latest post from the category.

I am totally stuck now. Could you add a pagination to the latests posts, please? Or is there any other way to have pagination in a list of posts on a single gridbox-page?

Thank you in advance,

1 week 16 hours ago #4

  • Artem's Avatar
  • Artem
  • Posts: 7940

The pagination, it's not just a button which dividing post lists on visual pages. As a minimum, it should include a routing system. No, we can't add pagination to the Recent Posts plugin.

The Recent post plugin was designed to display the latest post of category or App, on the home page or any other page. Trying to replace the category list with a "Recent Post" plugin, this is the wrong decision!

Now! Let's work in a normal way with small CSS tricks!

Regarding your post:

Step 1.

Open category list

Step 2

Add into the category list page - 2 Post slider plugins. For first slider select category "News", for the second post slider plugin select category "Team"

Step 3
Go to your menu items settings "News" and "Team" and add class suffixes for these menus: news-recent-posts-slider and team-recent-post-slider

Step 4
Send me links to pages News and Team, and I'll send you back CSS solution which will display recent post sliders on relevant categories

Waiting for your reply!


3 days 19 hours ago #5

  • Oliver's Avatar
  • Oliver
  • Posts: 24
Hi Artem,

thank you for the explanation and the offer to solve my problem using css.

I am having 23 categories to display. Maybe the css solution is to complex for that?

Meanwhile I tried to use the ReReplacer from regularlabs to exchange the "latest post" on the top of the category list - that seems to be a possibility to solve my problem...

Is it right, that there is only pagination on the search-result-page and in the category list? So there is no pagination possibility for all categories on one page, right?

Maybe there is an easier solution: Would it be possible for you to add a different "category list" page for every category? That would solve my problem as well and I do not have to work around using the "ReReplacer" plugin....

Thank you and kind Regards,

Best regards,
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