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Gridbox PRO Subscription. F.A.Q.

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1.What is the difference between Gridbox PRO Subscription and PRO / BRO Subscriptions?

PRO and BRO subscriptions provides you access to all Balbooa Joomla Extensions: Gridbox PRO, Gallery PRO and Forms PRO. Gridbox PRO subscription provides you access only to Gridbox PRO.

2. What's Included in Gridbox PRO Subscription?

Possibility to install PRO addons:
Gridbox Themes within 1 year
Gridbox PRO Plugins within 1 year
Content Blocks within 1 year
Gridbox Apps within 1 year

PRO addons you need to install only once. Even after the subscription ends you'll be able to use them. But with not active subscription you'll be not able to install PRO addons on new websites. You'll need to buy a new subscription.

3. Can I Install Gridbox PRO on multiple websites?

Yes, feel free to install Gridbox on so many Joomla websites as you can. No installation Limits and Domains!

4. What will be with my website after the subscription ends?

With your website everything will be fine, you'll be able to create New Gridbox Pages, edit already created pages, use installed Gridbox PRO Plugins and content blocks.

5. Will I receive new updates after the subscription ends?


6. Can I get support after the subscription ends?

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