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Problem with emails - order status change

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  • Mario
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Dear ,
we need your help.
We created a system for ordering educations as a Gridbox store.
We have a problem with sending return emails because there are no email addresses in the system that can be sent to. All mandatory fields are active. Picture attached.

And another question.
How can we change the display of the date format. Currently the date is showing as October 11 2023 and the required format is 11. October 2023.
We tried entering language Overrides DATE_FORMAT_LC3, but the changes are not visible on the pages.
Picture attached

Best regards,

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  • Viacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

The email field must be on the checkout page and if it is filled in, the address will be saved.

You can change the date format in the site settings

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