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Preloader on Single Page

6 months 2 weeks ago #1

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  • Dave
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Hello, can you help me to make the preloader work on a single page only? I am loading a page that is an iframe of reviews and I'd like it to have a few extra seconds to load these. I don't want it on the entire site.

Thank you

6 months 2 weeks ago #2

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  • Viacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us!

Unfortunately there is no such option

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team

5 months 3 weeks ago #3

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  • Dave
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Hello, surely there must be a way with the custom code and JS to create this in the system pages and then use it on single pages.

This would be immensely useful to me. With all the loading of external content now as many systems are interconnected this would be great.

Or is there a way to add a iframe preloader that could show a loading screen while it is being rendered?

Thank you!
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