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Lightbox - session time

1 week 19 hours ago #1

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  • Tomasz
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what causes session time to be set to 0?
Will it be displayed to the user only 1x, or every time the browser is closed and opened, and that's what matters?

1 week 18 hours ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

If you have Show Once Per Session selected and set to 0, it will not be displayed


1 week 17 hours ago #3

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  • Tomasz
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so we have the following options:
1x per session set to 0 - displays 1x and never again.
1x per session set to x days - displays again after x days.
unchecked display per session - always displays on each page (if it is in the header or footer).

Is there an option to set it to display 1x when entering the page, and the next time we close the page and restart it - is there no such option?
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