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Products In Multiple Categories

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Hope you guys are safe and well!

Have you looked at making it possible to assign products to multiple categories? This is a standard feature all modern eCommerce and I am pretty amazed this isn't even a feature of gridbox. I have seen quite a few people commenting here regarding issues with eCommerce functionality and responses from you saying you never thought Gridbox would be used for large eCommerce stores? I find that a little concerning as it clearly has the support of end users wanting to use it but we aren't aware of the limitations.

We really need the ability to create menu items for tags and/or have the ability to assign products to multiple categories (this would be my first choice).

I have come across a major problem as I have built a client site and imported all products in to realise I don't have the ability to assign to multiple categories, so I basically have built a website for a client....and I can't use it! I am in a tricky situation now, I will lose all the time spent building a site, I will be behind on my deadline, have all the work to do again and now have to look at using a different eCommerce platform that won't use the Balbooa styling and will be a nightmare.

Please help! Can you seriously consider making this a feature, it makes no sense not to be able to do it as so many products categorise under mutliplt category options?!

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Thank you for contacting us

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to link one product to several different categories.

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