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Text duplicates when Copying/Pasting

1 month 3 weeks ago #1

  • Nanozombi's Avatar
  • Nanozombi
  • Posts: 118
Hi team,
since the previous update, when I copy and paste any text from any source into a Gridbox page, it pastes the same text twice.
This has happened to me in different sites, different browsers, even Mac and PC.
Any idea on what can be happening?

BTW Gridbox is pasting texts without any format, which is GREAT, as my customers use to send me their articles in Word and until now it always added a lot of rubbish if I forgot to paste without formatting. Great feature!

Thanks and take care!

1 month 3 weeks ago #2

  • Marc's Avatar
  • Marc
  • Posts: 109
Hi Xavi,

I have the same issue:

- type some text into note pad (i.e. no formatting)
- copy
- paste into a Blog App article, and the text is duplicated every time, on all blog app articles, on multiple sites.

I don't get this issue on Pages, only the Blog App (I haven't used Zero App, but I'd guess it would have the same issue). Formatted text is also affected.

I noticed this issue on Gridbox .14, but it still happens on .16

Many thanks

1 month 2 weeks ago #3

  • Vyacheslav's Avatar
  • Vyacheslav
  • Posts: 24047

Thanks for letting us know,
We'll fix it in the next update

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