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I cannot see Images at the mobile device view

2 days 5 hours ago #1

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  • Markus Berdux
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Dear people,

I have joomla 4 installed and I edited a site in march. No problems. But now, I have to change some things, and I cannot see some photos with a fade effect. Whats happen? If I click on don't hide, I can find them, but thats to much to edit. I only see a white area. See the attachement.

Best regards,


2 days 4 hours ago #2

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  • Markus Berdux
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... sorry, I forgot something

If I click text to edit on the green wheel, then I can edit the text. If I scroll to another text, then I get the same text again, although I clicked somewhere else. I then have to close and reopen the editor each time. Tested in Firefox and Google Chrome.

1 day 19 hours ago #3

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  • Vyacheslav
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