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question about forms: login, register

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I have not yet tested this, but would the following be possible with balbooa forms:

a) Upon register, run custom PHP in order to populate a custom table (without a joomla table prefix)
b) Populate form fields with a custom query upon prepare of form in order to update a specific data set
c) Fire custom error message for specific fields or form (validation of fields)
d) Add custom fields (e.g. date of birth) with register form

Since you have updated forms by offering a register and login form, I am not sure if those will be flexible enough in order to run some custom code. I am currently using Converforms (flexible), but I would like to use Balbooa forms in the future.

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Thoughts about the new login/register form...

Would it be possible to:

a) Upron register redirect to a custom welcome page
b) Include a custom PHP file which will get the user_id (user data) and run some custom queries once

Would be an extra step, but this might work...since there is no custom PHP upon submit for this form.

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Hi there!

Sorry for the delay in a reply.

But Balbooa Forms can't be used for Login or registration forms.

It's a simple Login plugin for Gridbox (with a registration form) with Social login :)

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