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Are you and your family safe?

2 years 1 month ago #1

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  • Lukas
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Hi guys!
I just wanted to ask you, if you and your families are safe. Are you away from the escalation? how are you doing? Do you need something? I am writing from Germany but I am polish and have family there...and friends I kijev...

I pray for the Ukraine
stay safe


2 years 1 month ago #2

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  • Artem
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Hi Lukas,

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Yes, our team and our families in safe. Hope everything will be ok very soon. We need to release so many cool things for Gridbox :)


2 years 1 month ago #3

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  • Bernhard
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Hey Balbooa-Team,

we are deeply concerned about you and your country.

Writing to you from Hamburg, Germany.

You are in our mind!


2 years 1 month ago #4

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  • maffeaffe
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Good to hear, stsy safe.

2 years 1 month ago #5

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  • Artem
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Thank you friends, your support are much appreciated for us!


2 years 1 month ago #6

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  • Qbik
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Ok good to know, if you need something don't hesitate to wrote, maybe in this topic.
I know that there are a lot of transports with things (necessities) donated by people sending to Ukraine.

I hope that you and your families stay safe

2 years 1 month ago #7

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  • Mark
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Guys just want to say we all hope you are all safe and well, we are in the Uk and sending our thoughts to you all. If there is anything we can do to help in any way please just ask, not sure what we can do but if there's anything please do. Thank you for responding despite everything going on. Can I ask are your offices and are you living in the Ukraine?

2 years 1 month ago #8

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  • Stephan
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Hallo Guys,

From South Africa our team and families are thinking and praying for you, your family and all the people of Ukraine.

Kind Regards

2 years 1 month ago #9

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  • Wouter
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Dear Balbooa team,
I am deeply shocked at the misery, pain and sorrow that Putin is causing in your country.
As a loner I can't do much for you. Here in the Netherlands we sympathize with you, we follow the news about the war and today there was a large national fundraising so that aid organizations can help your country.
Are you still safe?
Does working on the Balbooa software help you to think about something else?
Or is that where you are now totally impossible?

Please leave a message here every now and then so we know how you are doing.

Keep it safe.
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