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zero app & acl per author / user

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please don' t kick me for bringing this up once more, but I have not yet decided on how to go on this.

Let's say I have some zero app content just for adults. For this I would create a corresponding ACL level, and assign users based on their date of birth. If an user does not belong to the adult ACL level, he won't be able to see the content at all.


I want every user (they will all be gridbox authors as well) to be able to grant access to their own zero app content to either a single user or a group of users. For this I could create ACL levels for each user (author) upon register. I am still not sure, if this would be a good approach, since some Joomla DEVs told me, that this could cause potential performance problems.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you see performance issues with this approach or would it be save to do with a large number of authors and users?

If standard ACL is not suited for this, is there a better solution you can think of, that could be implemented with gridbox (focus on performance) some day?

With ACL in mind, zero app could easily be used to create a download app for companies or share any other digital data amongst specific users, where authors control and set access.

The reason why I am asking is simple:

I don't want to start with the ACL approach and see issues later on, which will break the site.

Thank you.
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