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Question Multi Language Support Zero App + Blog

1 week 6 days ago #1

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  • BiLe
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I have started to create some basic categories with 1 ZERO APP.
This ZERO APP has a de-DE theme attached and the categories names are in german language.

I am planning on running a second language in the future (en-GB).
This would mean I would have to create:

1) ZERO APP categories for de-DE + en-GB (associated language)
2) ZERO APP forms for de-DE + en-GB (associated language)

A user might only submit 1 record, using either de-DE or en-GB form. This one record would be attached to either 1 or more (sub)categories with option to choose language:

- de-DE
- en-GB

Therefore a record with language ALL would show with de-DE + en-GB pages. Since I do not want to start developing in the wrong direction, I would like to ask about your plans when it comes to multi language support.

a) Will we have to create an additional ZERO APP for a second language?
b) Are you planning on associating languages with categories?
c) Will 1 record with language ALL show with de-DE + en-GB pages?
d) Same approach with BLOG?
e) Will there be an option with ZERO APP + BLOG form to single/multi select one or more (sub)categories?
f) Will we be able to exclude/include categories with form single/multi select dropdown (ACL support)?
g) Once 1 or more de-DE (sub)categories are chosen, will the record be auto associated with en-GB categories?
h) Will there be an Ajax search with single/multi select dropdown?

Note e) Otherwise we would have to create a form for each category and sub-category, which probably nobody will do.

Thank you :)

1 week 6 days ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

You need to completely (along with categories) duplicate the application for another language,
you will also have to duplicate forms


1 week 6 days ago #3

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  • BiLe
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That is what I figured and it sounds straight forward.

This would allow us to have a clear and fine structure in backend.

Maybe you can check back later and answer my questions concerning the categories language associations and how single records would behave in frontend; especially if we will be able to associate single blog or zero app record (language ALL) with multiple categories. How else would such a single record work with categoy de-DE and category en-GB.

Thank you.

1 week 5 days ago #4

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  • Vyacheslav
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Sorry, there is no way to configure associations
Let us know if you need more assistance!

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team

1 week 5 days ago #5

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  • BiLe
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I thought about it.

I could use FORMS frontend and upon submit I would push data into Zero App database using custom PHP code. This would also allow me to set user id with record and create a duplicate record with second language.

Instead of coding custom PHP inside FROMS button submit, maybe linking a .php file would be more useful.

I will test some more.

Thank you.
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